Scruffy Brown Shoes follows the lives of two Children, a boy from a dairy farm in Wisconsin, and the other a girl from Oakland, California, who lead vastly different lives during the turbulent years of the Great Depression and the subsequent World War II and the Korean Conflict. Their separate journeys throughout their lives shape their characters as they survive drastic changes occurring about them within their immediate families and with the world. Available at;; and

Donna and Gloria presented Scruffy at the Florida Parent Educators Association convention held in Kissimmee, FL, where we successfully promoted the novel, Scruffy Brown Shoes, as part of the American Literature and American History study programs. Scruffy, as we call it, tells the separate stories of two children, Katie–six years old, who lives on the northern coast of California, and Casper–eight years old, who lives in the heartland of America (Wisconsin). It tells of how their lives are affected by the world-wide Great Depression of the 1930’s, World War II in the 1940’s, and the Korean Conflict in the 1950’s, and how these major events in American history affect their personal lives as they are growing up. There are test questions at the end of the story to aid the instructor.

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