Santa Teresa California, 1947

Nathaniel Crowe has extricated his client, Charlene Cleveland, from a dangerous marriage to a dangerous man, a local hood, Sal Cleveland. Her husband grants the divorce, but then runs her car off the road and shoots her to death. Crowe is shaken by news of the murder. He resolves to get justice for Charlene, even if it means working for free. He crosses paths with the beautiful and exotic Annie Kahlo, an eccentric artist, who has an old grudge against the gangster. Annie knows a few secrets about Cleveland, secrets that might help Crowe bring the kingpin down. Despite all of his better instincts, Crowe finds himself falling for Annie…hard.

It’s soon apparent that Annie Kahlo has the bad guys gunning for her. Crowe realizes that she’s more than just another eccentric artist. She seems to be enchanted, talks to spirits, and Crowe senses the spirits himself.

When members of Cleveland’s gang are found dead, it’s bad. When a crooked cop on his payroll turns up murdered, it’s worse. All fingers point to Crowe as the killer. But Crow knows that it may also be Annie, and faces a terrible dilemma. Does he turn her in, or do they run away together? Annie is the love of his life, and Crowe has no clue how far he’ll go to get her out of the mess she’s in.

Girls in Pink is the summer of 1947 with a fresh, contemporary feel, combined with noir–neon, wet streets and smoke; venetian blinds and ghosts in pink.

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