Newly divorced and mourning the death of his young daughter, Mike Latta decides to spend a year on Echo Island, Canada, fixing up his property. With a job at the lake’s marina and daily trips to the nearby village of Ansett, Mike feels himself slowly recovering. A newly divorced schoolteacher, Molly Bean, lives on shore across from his island, and sparks an immediate romantic interest. He also makes friends with a local real estate broker, Ron Baptiste.

Mike begins to encounter two females, a mother and her young daughter, both on the island and in town. Their behavior is bizarre, and eventually he realizes that they aren’t real. When they show him a vision of murder on his island, he becomes convinced that they are ghosts. Worse, he recognizes the murderer; it is his friend Ron Baptiste.

Another ghost haunts the island. This one is different; benign and somehow charming, it is the shadow of a young girl. The ghost dances in the moonlight in front of the cabin, and leaves coins as gifts.

Determined to solve a mystery, and looking for evidence to convict Baptiste of murder, Mike begins to investigate. What he finds is that he is the main target of a vengeful and maniacal killer.




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