Caves in the Rain

 PG-13 Newly divorced and mourning the death of his young daughter, Mike Latta decides to spend a year on Echo Island, Canada, fixing up his property. With a job at the lake’s marina and daily trips to the nearby village of Ansett, Mike feels himself slowly...

To Parts Unknown

To Parts Unknown is a fast-paced drama with unforgettable characters and vivid descriptions. London, January 1942. War correspondent for the London Times, George Adams, is a broken man, devastated by the death of his fiancé and rejected by all branches of the...

Girls in Pink

Santa Teresa California, 1947 Nathaniel Crowe has extricated his client, Charlene Cleveland, from a dangerous marriage to a dangerous man, a local hood, Sal Cleveland. Her husband grants the divorce, but then runs her car off the road and shoots her to death....

The Color Of Snow

A powerful tale of love lost and found, touched with madness and a curse ​that spands three generations. A powerful love story forms the cornerstone of this stunning novel, a story of loves lost and found, loves touched with madness and a curse that has spanned two...

A Thousand Suns

Save a Russian hoodlum from a gang of skinheads, and what does it get you? A plot to destroy the world.

Einstein’s Trunk

A farmer and a physicist discover a trunk full of Einstein’s writings that warn ​the world of impending doom.

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