Donna Eastman

Donna Eastman holds a BS from Simmons College, School of Publication, Boston, MA. She worked as a copywriter for the Pearson Group, was a managing editor at Little, Brown, and editor at McGraw-Hill, New York before embarking on a career in modeling and public relations. She also wrote a column for a metropolitan newspaper for five years.

After “retiring” and moving to Palm Coast, Florida, she taught classes to fellow writers on how to get published, and volunteered to edit their works. After meeting Gloria, she co-wrote See, I Can Do It! and Outrageous Kitty. She is the author of Terwilliger’s Tail, and is the co-author of the upcoming See I Can Do It! The Reluctant Eagle.

Donna’s Books

Terwilliger’s Tale

Terwilliger is a shelter kitten whose tail is short and stubby, unlike his siblings, who have long, silky tails. After his siblings are adopted, Twilly is left alone. When a shelter worker takes him...

Outrageous Kitty

Johanna is a fresh, headstrong, full-figured, vain and very happy cat, who gets into all kinds of mischief. Even though her rambunctious ways can be trying at times, her family loves her...

See, I Can Do It!

In See, I Can Do It!, Brenna is an almost-grown bluebird who falls from her nest while her mother is out shopping for breakfast. Bruised and frightened, and without a grownup to help her, she shares...

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