Gloria Koehler

Gloria Koehler was born in Albany, CA in the California Bay area at the onset of the Great Depression. Her parents were descendants of the first colonial settlers in the 1600s, and pioneers, who trudged across the plains westward in covered wagons. They have instilled adventure into her love of life. Her interest in reading began at age three, when her two older sisters insisted she learned to read. She received her first library card as soon as she was old enough. After a successful business career of 30 years, she and her husband, Ken, settled in Palm Coast, Florida, where she fulfilled her long-time dream to write a novel, Scruffy Brown Shoes. After realizing the potential of Scruffy, she went on to create what iss known today as Splinterfire, a literary organization that recommends, produces, and promotes good, wholesome reading.

Gloria’s Books

The Reluctant Eagle

Michael is a beautiful juvenile American Bald Eagle. He is certain that he doesn't want to leave his cliff-top nest and fly. Despite encouragement from his family and friends, he is too afraid of heights to try. It's not until real danger comes to the eagles that Michael finally flies and learns that being an eagle is a pretty cool thing. A delightful story, the second in the series of "I Can Do It" books that inspire confidence in children who might be afraid to face a challenge. It is also instructional, informing children about birds of prey in an easily understandable, interesting way. An endearing story children will love to listen to or read.

Outrageous Kitty

Johanna is a fresh, headstrong, full-figured, vain and very happy cat, who gets into all kinds of mischief. Even though her rambunctious ways can be trying at times, her family loves her...

Scruffy Brown Shoes

Scruffy Brown Shoes follows the lives of two Children, a boy from a dairy farm in Wisconsin, and the other a girl from Oakland, California, who lead vastly different lives during the turbulent years...

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