Jim Haberkorn

Jim was born in Brooklyn, NY. As a teenager, he moved with his family to the West Coast, settling in San Francisco for a time before moving to Silicon Valley. After attending college, completing a church mission, and spending six years in the Marines, he found a home in the computer industry in 1978 and has worked there ever since.

Jim has lived on three continents and done business in over forty countries, but he still counts Idaho—the home of his alma mater, Boise State University, and Rulon Hurt, his hammer-wielding cowboy—as one of his favorite places. Currently, he lives in Switzerland with his wife Kim.


Jim’s Books

A Thousand Suns

Save a Russian hoodlum from a gang of skinheads, and what does it get you? A plot to destroy the world.

Einstein’s Trunk

A farmer and a physicist discover a trunk full of Einstein’s writings that warn ​the world of impending doom.

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