John Anthony Miller

John Anthony Miller lives in New Jersey and is employed as a Nuclear Engineer. Although his profession dictates that most of his writing resides in a technical arena, fiction has always been his passion. He has been writing for years, and has worked one-on-one with an editor from Penguin, who was the instructor in a writing class he attended.

John’s Books

In Satan’s Shadow

   PG-13/Thriller Berlin, 1943 British agent Michael York is sent to Berlin to solve the mystery of his predecessor’s death.  A member of the Berlin String Quartet, four...

To Parts Unknown

To Parts Unknown is a fast-paced drama with unforgettable characters and vivid descriptions. London, January 1942. War correspondent for the London Times, George Adams, is a broken man, devastated...

In Satan’s Shadow

A quartet of musical suspects, a British spy, and the mystery of ​who betrayed the Crown.

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