Lee D. Goldstein

Lee Goldstein was 14 years old when he suffered a devastating injury in a diving accident. Through the loving care of his family, he has become the longest living quadriplegic in the world (60+years).

Lee graduated from UCLA with a degree in industrial relations and began as a technical writer for Litton Industries, where he achieved top secret atomic clearance. During this time, he opened a series of stores called The Smuggler, situated in malls in Los Angeles, where he sold artifacts from around the world.

If he weren’t busy enough, Lee became a flipper of Victorian homes; built, owned and operated a bed and breakfast, and raised five adopted children and two foster children.

Lee retired in 1992 and worked for the Montana schools, and volunteered in a community hospital. He currently lives in Prescott, AZ with his wife Ellen.

Lee’s SplinterFire Books

So Far, So Good!

The Sage of a Broken Neck and the Good Life that Can Follow. A powerful story of survival, ​beautifully written, tenderly told.

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